Brazilian Weapon Woes Continue

    We blogged about Brazilian gun manufacturer Taurus’s recall of almost one hundred thousand pistols a year ago, but apparently the problems with Taurus weapons have not stopped since nor are they limited only to the 24/7 DS model then recalled. Weaponsman has blogged about the aggregate problems with the weapons:

    These Brazilian fuzz are not loving their nation’s home-grown small arms.

    The particular model handgun the PM have had trouble with appears similar to the older 24/7 replaced in exports to the USA by the 24/7 Pro. But all these QC problems (and they’re not the only Taurus QC problems you’ll hear about, if you put your ear to the ground) undermine the absolutely critical confidence an officer must have in his or her firearms.

    The PMESP (its Portuguese acronym) has to pick something from the Taurus factory; they’re the main small arms manufacturer in Brazil. The PMESP also uses the CT-30 carbine in .40, replacing older Taurus FAMAE .40 SMGs, but as we’ve just seen, they’re not above shipping some turkeys in those product lines, too. Some other states’ police use PM-12S submachine guns made by Taurus under Beretta license; our personal experience with that specific weapon, and with Taurus’s discontinued Beretta clones, is positive. (The PM-12 is an outstanding 3rd Generation SMG, which came too late to achieve great market success, and the Taurus ones we’ve handled and shot have equalled or surpassed their Italian cousins).

    Below are some quotes from commenters on a news article, who claim to be officers at the Military Police Agency of São Paulo:

    “Helio” says:

    I put it on safe — I was chasing a drug dealer and jumped a fence, the safed gun fired inside the holster and the round hit the ground. I do not trust the 24/7 nor any Taurus. I have one because I have to have it, but I use my personal weapon at work.

    “ZANCS” says:

    In a shooting instructors training course at PMESP, the Taurus 24/7 pistol that I used began to burst when releasing the trigger. I don’t trust Taurus. I think, if Glock is not possible, they should try IMBEL because the new rifle that came [from IMBEL] seemed to be much more reliable, better than CT.30 and TAURUS .40.

    “Helio” again:

    I have a [CZ] SP-01 to use in service, and I will tell you, that gun, never chokes, even after 40 shots in sequence, perfect grip and precision.

    “Igor” says:

    Blame it on the monopoly policy, but we also have to remember that the EB is to blame in the office, through ordinances that hinder the importation of firearms, even by police.

    And “Daniel” posted two videos.

    Sorry, but does anyone remember this problem with the Taurus too?

    “Chico” says:


    I highly recommend readers click through and view some of the videos over at Weaponsman, they are really something. These sorts of malfunctions are as close to “worst nightmare” levels as they can get, without being catastrophic.

    Stay safe, all.

    Nathaniel F

    Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. He can be reached via email at [email protected]