Ruger Muddy Girl Pistols

    Muddy Girl LC9s

    Davidson’s announced a partnership with Ruger on a pair of new LCP and LC9s pistols that use the Muddy Girl camo pattern. While not a typical hunting camo pattern, the pink finish has been a popular alternative finish in recent years.

    Other companies offering Muddy Girl finishes include SIG SAUER, Colt and Savage.

    The MSRP of the LCP is $399, while the LC9s has a suggested retail price of $469.

    Muddy Girl LCP

    From Davidson’s:

    Davidson’s has teamed up once again with Ruger to create a brand new finish for the extremely popular LCP and LC9s pistols. The grip frames on both pistols are high-performance, glass filled nylon and, for these Davidson’s exclusive models, sport an attractive Muddy Girl® camo finish.

    The Ruger LCP, or Lightweight Carry Pistol, is an excellent backup or carry gun chambered in .380ACP and built around a through hardened alloy steel barrel and slide. The barrel on the LCP is 2.75” long, and the gun weighs 9.4 ounces unloaded. The magazine holds six rounds and the pistol has an overall length of 5.16” and a width of just 0.82” making it easily concealable and comfortable to carry all day long.

    The Ruger LC9s is Ruger’s striker-fired version of the popular LC9. The striker-fired mechanism provides a short, light and crisp trigger pull. Chambered in 9mm, the LC9 features a manual thumb safety, 7+1 capacity, and a 3.12” barrel. A magazine disconnect, visual inspection port for confirming a round chambered, and 3-dot dovetailed front and rear sights are standard on the LC9s.

    The Davidson’s exclusive Muddy Girl® camo-finished Ruger LCP and LC9s are available at Davidson’s dealers nationwide or consumers can order item# 3734 (LCP) or item# 3243-RUG (LC9s) directly from Davidson’s consumer website –

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