Moving And Shooting At Night From a Vehicle

    A local club, Pitcairn Monroeville Sportsman Center aka PMSC, hosted their 6th annual Zombie Dark Shoot this past week. I have participated in the past three years and staffed it for the first time this year. My first year was when I discovered the Poorman’s Night Vision.

    PMSC is well versed in USPSA style matches. They hold monthly USPSA matches, the Tri State USPSA Championships as well as the Steel City Championships. So their annual night shoots have been similar in stage design and use the same close range bays.

    This year they stepped it up a bit with the use of their Kawasaki Mule. Mark Cleaver, the match director, had been planning this since last year’s Night Shoot. He planned to have the shooter strapped in the back of a vehicle and driven through a course of fire so the shooter is moving backwards while engaging targets in the dark.

    Here is that brainchild.



    Here is one of the other ROs testing the shooter’s stand.



    The shooter stand has two seat belts that you use to strap your body against the chair back. The shooter is standing and the angled plywood walls helps to prevent breaking the 180 degree rule for the stage. There were 23 targets and we were using a bay that allows for almost 360 degree shooting.

    stage 2


    Here is a video of me shooting my PMR-30 on this stage.


    The rest of the stages were just running/walking thru and shooting targets in the dark.

    Here is my reshoot with shotgun.


    I was using a plethora of lights and a green laser. For pistol I was using a Viridian C5L. The light from the C5L is too much flood and not enough throw for 40yd target identification. But coupled with my Petzl Nao headlamp and Surefire 2211 wrist light, it was much easier to scan and ID for my next target of opportunity. Many of the other shooters used only a headlamp, single weapon light, or the worst was just a handheld light. It is a lot more difficult to manipulate the weapon with less light and even harder to scan and ID for new targets.

    Nicholas C

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