Chris Cheng at @Google Talk

    Pro-shooter and TFB writer Chris Cheng was invited to Google to be interviewed for one of their famous @Google Talks at Google HQ by tech-and-gun-guy Jon Stokes. It is well worth watching….

    I agreed with a lot of what Chris and Jon said in the video, but I do think “gun 2.0” folks have always existed, but that now gun enthusiast culture is going mainstream.

    “gun 2.0” people are those of us who are passionate about guns for their own sake. A good analogy would be people who love astronomy verses people who are enthusiastic about telescopes (they probably use their telescopes to look at stars, but they are really enthusiastic about their scopes, upgrading their scopes, maintaining them etc.). While these “2.0” folks have existed for as long as guns have existed, today gun enthusiasm is going mainstream.

    Chris has just published a book called Shoot to Win which Nathaniel F reviewed it here. I am going the draw for our Shoot to Win book giveaway on Wednesday, enter here.

    Steve Johnson

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