Remington Awarded Contract for the Marine’s M40 Sniper Rifle Program

    The United States Marine Corps Systems Command has awarded Remington Defense a contract to provide up to 2,000 modular stocks, spares, and magazines in support of the Marine’s M40 Sniper Rifle Modular Stock program.

    When I was downrange we had the M40A3 variation. This new contract is for the M40A6 variant (which will be a new designation), and looks to replace the McMillan Tactical A4 stock that was on there for both he A3 and A5 versions. There were a few manufacturers involved in the bidding process.

    The solicitation from the USMC requested a foldable stock to make the rifle more compact as well as a full-length rail. I am assuming it will be using the same system that SOCOM recently picked up (


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