POTD: The Hmong Muskets Awarded To Military Advisers

    TFB’s resident adventurer Claymore sent me this photo from his archives.

    This maybe the MOST “exclusive” photo ever on TFB! I was looking up a photo of my 762 gear for somebody and saw this. It is a photo on me receiving my “adviser musket” from General Vang Pao. Vang Pao was a famous leader of one faction of the Hmong and he “Awarded” these muskets to American advisers that had helped him and his people during the Secret War.

    With me that day was my regular partner on adventures and Mr. Lynn who was mentioned in the “Glass vials” story on TFB. They were awarded their muskets at the same time.

    What makes this photo so special is there were probably less than 25 people in the world that were awarded them. We proudly follow in the footsteps of Jerry “Hog” Daniels.

    I’m about 98% sure we were the last advisers to get one as Vang Pao left and spent the majority of his remaining years in the USA.

    You can read about Claymore’s adventures here.

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