Magpul Shipping M-Lok Accessories

    One thing I will never understand is when a company forgoes everything that is becoming the industry standard and strikes out on their own.  Magpul seems to have done just that.  Instead of using what is becoming standard with Keymod, they have made their own key-type system.  What baffles me is that Keymod is opensource, so companies are not even having to pay royalties on the patent.  While I get that Magpul is also releasing M-Lok, it just comes across as a company that is out of touch with the industry. Am I wrong here? What say the readers?

    My opinion aside, Magpul is now shipping their new M-Lok accessories.

    NEW M-LOK Accessories
    QD Sling Mount
    M-LOK Offset Light/Optic Mount
    M-LOK Bipod Adapter
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