POTD: “Project Broadsword”

    Youtuber Chaos311Clarity (aka. Jon) sent us this photo of his .50 Beowulf. He wrote …

    This is a gun called “Project Broadsword.” Originally assembled in 2011, it has a favorite of mine ever since. Chambered in 50 Beowulf, it really packs a punch. In its current configuration, it is wearing a set of Troy Industries micro sights, a YHM Todd Jarrett free float hand guard, King Armory KA-0450 brake, AR-Stoner 18″ barrel, Black Rain Ordnance rec. set. as well as the wood stock and grip. From time to time it also wears a Bowers Group LLC VERS50 suppressor.

    I really like the wood/FTE/black color gradient across the rifle. I am inspired. Here are two more photos of the rifle …