Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense 10mm Auto

    Liberty Ammunition is introducing 10mm Auto into its Civil Defense Line of ammo. The lead-free ammo features approximately twice the velocity, three times the terminal effect, 30% more energy and less felt recoil. The ammo is nickel-plated, has solid copper projectiles and nickel-plated brass cases. The projectile is designed to fragment in soft tissue, resulting in a much greater transfer of kinetic energy to the target. Due to the proprietary design of the projectile and its solid copper construction, Liberty states that the round provides exceptional performance on hard targets such as drywall, car doors, auto glass and leather/denim without sacrificing any performance in soft tissue.

    Liberty’s tests at their production facility showed the ammo achieved velocities greater than 2,400 FPS (nearly double that of standard 10mm ammo).


    Description: Copper Monolithic, Hollow-Point, Fragmenting, Lead-Free, Personal Defense Round
    Weight: 60 gr.
    Velocity: >2,400 FPS
    Kinetic Energy: >780 FPE
    Accuracy: >2″ @ 25m
    Terminal Effect: 4 -1/2″ W x 12″ D
    MSRP (20 rd box): $34.99

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