SIG Sauer (Germany) Reduces Staff by 70% at HQ

    NDR reports that SIG Sauer (Germany) is reducing staff in their Eckernförde headquarters from 132 to 49 people. Some employees have been offered employment with Sig Sauer (USA). Just five years ago SIG Sauer had 500 employees in Germany.

    Sig Sauer (USA) has become the largest firearms subsidiary of L&O Holding, which also owns Swiss Arms, Sauer & Sohn, GSG and Blaser. According to their website, the US subsidiary has over 800 employees.

    Earlier this year the German government halted all SIG Sauer (Germany) exports pending an investigation into illegal arms sales, no doubt this export ban is the reason almost 100 jobs have been lost.

    Ironically, SIG Sauer (Germany) came into existence when Swiss regulations and laws made it difficult for SIG Arms AG  (now Swiss Arms) to export their products. They probably did not foresee a time when the German government would attempt to destroy its long standing arms export industry.

    Steve Johnson

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