POTD: From $30 Broken Gun to Post Apocalyptic Shotgun

    A reader (who did not leave a name) sent in this photo of a post apocalyptic style shotgun he made from a broken and rusted $30 Rossi single shot …

    This started out as a thirty dollar broken Rossi single shot that I bought from a pawn shop. After a little bit of work with the firing pin, spring and cleaning the internals I got it working again. I decided to do something interesting with it. It is now a fully functional Post Apocalyptic shotgun and shoots very well. Most of the bluing was gone so I just took away a little bit more with fine grade sandpaper. The front guard wouldn’t stay on the gun since the hook and spring were broken so I used hose clamps to hold it on. There was no butt plate so I made one from an aluminum cake pan. I used an old leather pouch and drilled through the stock and used bailing wire to hold it on. The pouch holds seven rounds of 12 gauge. Lastly I made a large sling from an old used Karate belt. Its ugly but I love it.

    I don’t know if this is something you’d want to post or not. I did not take a pristine gun and destroy it, I modified a broken and worn shotgun to give it new life.

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