Faxon Firearms Introduces Magazine Marker Bands


    Faxon Firearms announced they are now offering three different calibers as part of their normal stocking identification markers for AR-type magazines. The three marking bands are:

    • 5.56/.223 in blue
    • 7.62×39 in yellow
    • 300 BLK in red

    Using specific colors to mark magazines for different calibers is not a new concept, but the marking bands are certainly neater than swiping the floorplate with whatever color you’ve got in the garage.

    Hexmag uses a similar concept with different colored followers and latch plates.

    From Faxon Firearms:

     Faxon Firearms, manufacturer of the ARAK-21 Upper Receiver that fits any mil-spec AR 15 lower platform, is proud to announce the addition of two new calibers of their Magazine Marker Bands.

    The Magazine Marker Bands are perfect for shooters who change calibers repeatedly and are used to easily identify which magazine is holding which caliber of ammunition. Ranges with multiple rental guns will also be able to utilize these bands for added safety steps.

    The bands can be purchased in 5.56/.223, 300 BLK or 7.62×39. Each pack is color coded in either red (300 BLK), blue (5.56/.223) or yellow (7.62×39). There are 10 bands per package.

    “What started off to be a simple safety precaution has turned into something that so many of our customers demanded,” says Nathan Schueth, Director of Operations for Faxon Firearms. “We decided to make these bands part of our regular product offering and the response has been tremendous. They are an inexpensive way to streamline your magazine storage and keep multiple caliber platforms organized.”

    MSRP on the Magazine Marker Band Packs is $9.99 and can be purchased at www.faxonfirearms.com

    Dealers or Ranges can contact Faxon Firearms directly for bulk pricing.

    Faxon Machining / Firearms has a rich history in manufacturing for the defense, aerospace, oil and gas, and automotive industries. Faxon Firearms’ staple product, the ARAK-21® is a truly innovative long-stroked gas-piston-actuated, self-contained upper receiver assembly designed to seamlessly interface with the standard AR-15 platform.

    Richard Johnson

    An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.