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ATI 410 shotgun

ATI Omni Hybrid .410 Shotgun

American Tactical Imports (ATI) will introduce a new shotgun in 2015 based on the Omni Hybrid AR-15 receivers. The prototype gun was shown at the 2014 NASGW Expo. The gun uses the company’s established polymer-metal hybrid lower and the recently announced hybrid [Read More…]

Quake Industries: Stack-A-Rest

Quake Industries has released the Stack-A-Rest, a four-piece stack-able rest system for shooters. Weighing in at only 10 ounces, the rest system is designed to be easily carrier in a variety of situations interestingly, they rest system is designed to be used in [Read More…]

ATI Alpha Field

ATI Alpha Shotguns

American Tactical Imports (ATI) was showing a pair of new shotguns at the recent NASGW show in Little Rock, Arkansas. The new Alpha shotguns are semi-auto guns that use an inertia recoil system. Two models will be offered initially. The Sport model has a polymer stock [Read More…]

Indexing Your Temple

In the past month or so, there have been some bantering about the legitimacy of indexing your temple while using a pistol. Earlier we posted about one training group’s technique of indexing your cheek. Aaron Cowen, over at Moderno,  explains the specific use and [Read More…]

Thailand’s Beautiful Mauser

Siam was unique in South East Asia for its avoidance of Western colonization.  Its sovereignty was guaranteed by politically deft royals and a Japanese-modeled system of aggressive modernization.  At the turn of the century, Siam sought to rearm its soldiers with a [Read More…]

Electro-mechanical Trigger

Thanks to reader Jay for sending a link to this video: A company, Creative Digital, in collaboration with Michael’s Machines, has developed a solenoid actuated trigger controlled by a microprocessor for around $200. The concept is really interesting. My initial [Read More…]

Galil Ace

IWI to Import Galil Ace into US

The Military Arms Chanel is reporting that IWI US will begin importing a Galil Ace rifle and Galil Ace pistol into the United States starting in 2015. The guns will be chambered in 7.62×39 and use standard AK magazines. The rifles will come with a folding stock [Read More…]

Ammo Prices: 10/24/2014

Week 29. I hope you didn’t miss the break last week too much. I was out of pocket, enjoying Lake Bridgeport in Texas, without internet. It doesn’t look like the prices of ammo collapsed or skyrocketed in my absence. I did find some .22LR for $0.07/rd, but [Read More…]