TAC-CON Media Event: Day 2 – Shooting Drills

    Day two of the TAC-CON media event in Phoenix.  Today was shooting drills with the trigger.  Yesterday I focused on shooting the AK trigger, and getting used to that.  Today I wanted to shoot the 241 more, and use it as designed in some drills.

    I have to say that I am really impressed with the trigger having an assisted reset, and a great feeling two stage trigger in the same package.  Here is a quick video I shot yesterday to show a potential use for the trigger.  The two close targets are 25yds, and the steel is at 100.  I was also engaging a 2″ swing target at the head of one of the steel targets.

    I am really impressed with the 241 trigger system as a whole.  There are a lot of different ways that you can utilize the trigger from a close in, rapid engagement trigger to a long range precision trigger and if the need arises, you can put the selector on assisted reset mode, and still put several rapid shots on target at 100yds.

    While shooting the trigger prone, I wanted to know how well one could control a scoped rifle and put rapid hits on a torso sized target at 100yds, in a manner simulating suppression style fire.

    Although I did slow my rate of fire down a little, I was shooting splits in the .12-.18 range and able to get five accurate shots, onto a torso.  Speeding up my shots to the .8-.1 range I was able to keep three round on target, but because of the way you shoot the trigger that fast, the motion pulled the rifle off target.  I also found going over five proved to be a little more troublesome, but I am sure when a different setup that it would be entirely doable.  I was simply testing with what I had available to me there.

    On the AK side of things, Mike Stakes the president of TAC-CON did a Q&A session on the AK trigger and some of the decisions that went into it.  Here is that Q&A: