ATI Omni Hybrid .410 Shotgun

    ATI 410 shotgun

    American Tactical Imports (ATI) will introduce a new shotgun in 2015 based on the Omni Hybrid AR-15 receivers. The prototype gun was shown at the 2014 NASGW Expo.

    The gun uses the company’s established polymer-metal hybrid lower and the recently announced hybrid upper. An 18″ barrel is standard and it uses Remington chokes. A five-round detachable magazine will be standard, and the company will also sell 15 round mags.


    The new ATI Omni Hybrid AR upper. It uses polymer with metal reinforcements.

    According to an ATI rep, the guns are in the final testing stages, and should ship early in 2015. The guns are said to be very reliable with most ammunition, and the Hornady Critical Defense round (one FTX slug backed by two .35 caliber hard lead balls) is supposed to run exceptionally well.

    At this time, the gun is expected to have a 7″ quad rail and weigh about 6.5 pounds. The MSRP will be $649.95.

    Richard Johnson

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