Electro-mechanical Trigger

    Thanks to reader Jay for sending a link to this video:

    A company, Creative Digital, in collaboration with Michael’s Machines, has developed a solenoid actuated trigger controlled by a microprocessor for around $200.

    The concept is really interesting. My initial question was “What happens when the electronics fail?”. According to the video, it sounds like it downgrades and operates as a mechanical device.

    I like the idea that the rate of fire can be adjusted, including full auto capability. The problem I see is that it seems like feature is ripe for abuse. I’d give it less than a day for an enterprising tinkerer to bypass, unlock or override the functionality that limits the rate.

    In any case I should actually be reviewing an electric trigger in the next month or so (though not from this company). So I’m going to withhold my judgement until I go hands on with one.

    What are your thoughts, dear readers? Good idea? Bad idea? Hype?

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