POTD: This Ain’t a Safe Queen

    Gun blogger Chia emailed us a photo of an AR-15 he lends to new shooters. Chia writes …

    This is the rifle most often run at the range/loan to students: Colt 6920, with Troy Rail MRF Rail, Magpul MS3 sling, Magpul ASAP Plate, Troy BUIS, Magpul AFG2 Angled Foregrip, Aimpoint T1 Micro mounted on a Laure Tactical LT660 mount, Bravo Company Grip, and Bravo Company Mod 0 Comp, and Magpul Stock.

    <steve-rant> To many folks these days buy high end guns, then spend all their range time worrying about getting the finish scratched. Its better to buy a gun you can afford to scratch and beat-up, than the gun you can’t. </steve-rant>

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