Rumor: H&K USA Has Been Sold?!?!?!

    According to a very active user at the HK Pro forums, H&K has been sold …

    I heard a little rumor this week at NASGW. Was confirmed by two different people.

    HK USA is being sold and will have a new owner.

    Bad news:
    HK MR762 SD is on hold.
    HK G36 civilan version is now off the table, for good!
    Everything is on hold (Everything we learned at Shot 2014) but HK USA will be going forward, which is good, the financial news coming out of HK GmBh though means who knows what it will look like in years to come.
    Anyone here choose to confirm or deny this, chime in.

    Forgot to mention that I went to a recent regional 3 gun match where I learnt that Jason Koon bought Atlantic Firearms (pretty sure that was it) and has taken most of the HK team with him over there, so the shooting team is for the most part no more!

    If I get confirmation that this is true, I will be sure to let you know.


    Steve Johnson

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