POTD: A REALLY BEAUTIFUL Custom Mosin Nagant M44

    This is the nicest Mosin rifle I have ever seen. Duo Z writes ….

    I built this rifle for my fathers birthday. It started out as an OK condition Mosin Nagant M44. First the bolt lugs were lapped and the muzzle was re-crowned for added accuracy. The original bolt handle was cut off and a GPC universal bolt handle was welded on for better ergos. The old stock was replaced with a Boyds classic walnut stock. The rear sight is a Williams peep sight. The aperture was removed and just the mount is used because of the forward position on the rifle. I custom machined the front sight to press fit on where the old sight and bayonet lug was. The receiver, barrel, and front sight were finished with Graphite Black Cerakote. This all adds up to a compact rifle with quick target acquisition, great for hunting in the thick forests of Wisconsin. Needless to say the old man is pretty happy with it.

    Duo, your father is lucky to have you as a son!

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