BUL M5 Polymer 1911 imported by Battle Ready International

    The BUL M5 polymer 1911 pistol, which has been imported by a number of other companies (Kimber and Charles Daly, for instance), is being imported by Battle Ready International under the BUL brand name. According to correspondence, they have already received their first shipment of the handguns. From the BUL M5 white paper put out by BRI:

    BUL M-5 Differentiation
    The M-5 line of pistols is a long-time proven polymer high-capacity 1911 favored by many military and special operations teams globally. The M-5 fiber- reinforced grip is molded onto a stainless-steel implant, creating a one-piece durable, solid and ergonomic frame, which accepts most popular calibers. During high-stress situations when consistent trigger pull is a must, the fine-tuned BUL trigger is able to deliver exceptional results. As always, all the M5’s come with many extras as standard. These include: a match-grade heavy ramped bull-barrel, full- length guide-rod, lowered and
    flared ejection port, extended thumb safety, match-grade hammer, high-ride grip safety, front and rear cocking serrations (not on commander and all ultra-X models), night sights and an integral magazine well as standard, right out of the box.
    In addition, each and every M-5 is manually and carefully assembled and fitted to ensure the highest level of performance, safety and reliability. The BUL M-5 line was developed by BUL Ltd., a company highly respected in the international shooting community due to its roots in firearms range design, combat/tactical training school and proliferation in the competition shooting industry.
    Key Differentiating Features
    • Fiber-reinforced polymer frame reduces weight by 15% while increasing strength over other comparable
    • Consistent, crisp, clean, light trigger press with every shot equals superior accuracy on the draw. This is must
    for shooting situations where accuracy is impacted by high-stress.
    • Slimmer grip profile over other high-capacity models, makes the BUL frame design a more effective choice
    over other double-stack 1911/2011 frames, e.g. STI, Para-Ordinance, etc
    • Bull-Barrel design:
    – Bull-barrels are ramped, match graded improving accuracy and reliability with multiple types of
    ammo, e.g. hollow-point rounds
    – Bull-barrel adds targeted weight to the end of the barrel, which slows down the unlocking, thus
    providing recoil relief. (This is important due to most military and criminal encounters happen in
    close quarter situations where accurate follow-up shots are extremely important.)
    – Bull-barrel design also ensure consistent lock-up for longer periods of time over conventional 1911
    designs, e.g. tightly fit 1911s often loosen up over time
    • Upgrades like night sights and ambidextrous safeties are standard on most Battle Ready BUL M-5s

    Also included is a chart giving pricing and other details:
    BUL M5 Chart

    Nathaniel F

    Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. He can be reached via email at [email protected]