New Blaser Bipod

    blaser bipod

    Blaser is now selling a 4.7 ounce bipod that uses a specially designed magnetic mount for quick attachment in the field. Blaser states you carry the bipod in a pocket and only attach it when you are ready to shoot.

    The bipod is made largely of carbon fiber to reduce weight. It has a special cant system to keep the rifle level, and the bipod can be easily turned without the need to pick up the rifle.

    From Blaser:

    The Blaser Carbon BiPod redefines the game. Why? Only when you are getting ready to shoot, you need to attach it to the rifle. At all other times the Blaser Carbon BiPod can be easily carried around in your pocket, vir- tually weightless: Made out of ultralight carbon fiber, it only weights 133 grams. Huntability at its best!

    Adapted specifically for the R8 Professional Success, the Blaser Carbon BiPod comes exclusively as a set, consisting of an especially designed forearm and a dependable magnetic mount. This ensures maximum sta- bility when shooting and improves the shooters’ performance. A built-in cant system keeps the rifle level even when the ground is not. The Blaser Carbon BiPod can be turned quietly and easily. No need to pick up the ri- fle to reposition the bipod. Extendable legs cater for a wide variety of shooting situations, while the stainless steel ends guarantee a safe stand at all times.

    Thanks to the interchangeability of the Blaser modular system the bipod can be easily attached to the rifle by exchanging the standard for the Blaser Carbon BiPod forearm in no time. Insert the bipod, adjust the legs and the built-in cant system and you are ready to go.

    This cool hunting companion has been developed by UK-based Spartan Precision Equipment for Blaser. Currently the bipod is only available for the R8 Professional Success with a muzzle diameter of 17 mm (0.6’’). A bipod for the R8 Professional is at planning stage.

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