Shooting .22 Pellets Using Nail Gun Blanks

    Taofledermaus, known for some interesting YouTube videos well before Demolition Ranch made it highly entertaining, has embarked at creating a firearm out of construction equipment, a 22LR rifle, and some air rifle pellets. Using “powder activated tool” rounds, the media channel seated .22 pellets in the chamber to create some seriously high-velocity shots.

    It is not recommended you try this yourself. But if you still insist, please read the precautions below.
    We load up some .22 firearms with Crosman .22 pellets and drive them using “powder activated tool” rounds. (calling them guns would cause the masses to soil themselves in horror) These are used to drive nails into concrete or even steel. The lead Crosman pellets are about 14 gr. and fit nicely down the barrel of a .22 rifle or pistol. Snug enough to engage the rifling. This is really a hybrid round using 3 normally incompatible components.
    This is just a demonstration on how well this hinkey and potentially dangerous combination works. Although it worked VERY well for us — your results may vary. 

    I do not want to green-light this idea to you. However, my telling you NOT to try it never stopped anyone from trying something. You need to understand the dangers if you do decide to try it. You are on your own if something bad happens. Don’t come back and post how your gun blew up and you lost some fingers. 
    +++ I believe it is important the pellets are seated IN the barrel rather than the chamber. This is because when the round is fired, the pellet probably will not enter the barrel from the larger chamber smoothly and will likely NOT enter the barrel at all, resulting in a barrel-obstruction. If this happens in a non-blowback style gun, the gun is likely to blow up. +++

    The powder charges were MUCH louder than using standard .22 ammo. If you have a chrono and wish to attempt this, I think we’d all like to know how fast these are capable of going. I’ll put a link to your video in this one.

    I say “great idea”.

    Nathan S

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