POTD: H&K SP89 Serial Number 1

    Alex C writes about his latest acquisition …

    This SP89 is serial number one, the very first MP5K for the civilian market. The prototypes were marked “P94”and they are now owned by Bo French, H&K collector known for the famous “Red Room” collection (link to above) and for employing American sniper Chris Kyle until his tragic death. Whenever Bo decides to cut something loose (for whatever reason), he usually gives me a call because I work down the street from him and he knows my checks won’t bounce! When he mentioned selling this, I jumped on it.

    This pistol still has wax paper in the barrel and has never been fired. Note the lack of sights: The typical front HK triple frame and rear castle have both been omitted. Only a few left the factory in this configuration.

    Alex, I hope we will have a range report in the near future 😉


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