Hexmag Releases New Colors and State Compliant Magazines

    Hexmag is releasing some new products to their line, and in new colors as well. They are releasing two new colors, flat dark earth and OD green for their entire magazine line and also state compliant magazines.


    The state compliant magazines are called the True 10/30 and True 15/30.  They are a 30rd magazine body with a smaller capacity to comply with various state magazine capacity laws.  This gives the user a full sized magazine body easier use with things such as magazine pouches.  The new magazines are also not able to be converted back to 30rd magazines, allowing the user to disassemble them the magazines for cleaning.  This is accomplished by putting the spacer at the bottom of the magazine and shortening the spring.

    Check out the press release from Hexmag below.

    Hexmag, a Colorado-based AR-15 accessory manufacturer is adding Flat Dark Earth and OD Green colored magazine bodies to their lineup of 5.56/.223 magazines. With the popularity of these colors adorning many AR-15’s, our customers and dealers have been requesting these colors ever since we began operations earlier this year. These magazines will be available to dealers in the early part of November 2014 and feature the Hexmag Orange follower and latch plate.

    Hexmag is also launching its new line of state-compliant magazines. Called the True 10/30 and True 15/30, these are 10-round and 15-round magazines in our 30-round body for the AR-15 platform. Just like the 30 round versions they will be available in black, FDE, and OD Green. They feature a stainless steel spring which is shorter than a standard spring and our True Riser which moves the base of the spring up, limiting the capacity internally. They are not convertible back to 30 rounds as shipped. This allows us to make a magazine that can be disassembled and cleaned just like any other magazine.

    All Hexmag magazine products accepts the HexID color identification system replacement follower and latch plate. The HexID system was pioneered by Hexmag; it assists shooters ability to identify pre loaded ammunition using color. Hexmag’s full line of AR-15 magazine products comes with a Lifetime Warranty.