SCCY: The Working Man’s Carry Pistol

    At the Blue August Gun and Outdoor conference, SCCY sent out some representatives to showcase their small, affordable line of pistols.


    The SCCY pistols can come in black, pink, or tan frame colors, and stainless or black slides. They are also available with or without a safety.

    The fit and finish of the pistols is very good, and I was pleased with the machine work and finish:


    Disassembly also is very easy: bring the slide back to the takedown notch, remove a pin, and bring the slide forward off the frame. The rest is just removing the recoil spring and barrel:


    The most appealing part about the SCCY however is its warranty; If you are at all displeased with your pistol you can give it back for a refund. But it doesn’t end there. If your pistol is stolen, if you run it over with your car, if the police take it because you use it for a self defense situation, etc., they will get you a new pistol. They told us a story about a young man who bought a SCCY and had to use it to defend himself (it was his only pistol and the first time he had shot a gun), and the police took it as evidence (or for whatever reason) so the people at SCCY flew him to their factory to give him a tour and a new gun!

    All this will run you is $275 too.

    So how did it shoot?

    Well we were all anxious to get to the range where the pistols were waiting for us.


    I grabbed the stainless model and loaded ten rounds.



    Recoil is sharp and the trigger is heavy on the SCCY, and pulling that heavy trigger ten times made my pointer finger grow its own set of biceps.

    Again I ran a few more rounds through it with a more relaxed shooting stance and was trying to shoot a good group:



    I hit the paper every time, but I did not shoot a group I was proud of.

    This pistol’s price is definitely appealing, but the trigger definitely put a damper on the shooting experience as a whole. That said, I am not going to write off SCCY; For the price, you get an adequate pistol with an excellent warranty.

    Alex C.

    Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.