Indian Competition to Replace INSAS Begins

    According to, India has begun its competition, announced in 2011, to replace the troubled INSAS rifle. Tellingly, the new rifle will not be Indian-made (much less designed). The competitors originally included the Colt Combat Rifle(sic) (probably the Colt Advanced Carbine), the CZ 807 Bren, the IWI Galil ACE, the SIG 556, and the Beretta ARX-160. However, the competition has been pared down to only two rifles: The ACE and the ARX-160. Unique to the Indian solicitation, the rifles must be capable of converting from 5.56mm caliber to 7.62x39mm. It’s not clear what the reasoning behind this requirement is, but perhaps the Indians are considering taking advantage of the extensive local logistical support for the latter caliber.

    The winning rifle will earn its parent company a contract for 66,000 weapons to start, with license production following afterward. If Beretta wins, it will be the first time the ARX-160 has been adopted as standard issue by any military outside of Italy. If IWI wins, it will represent the latest in a long line of contracts earned by the humble ACE.

    H/T Remiguiz of BroĊ„ i Amunicja

    Nathaniel F

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