ATI Omni Polymer Hybrid Lower

    A while back one of our writers, Sam Cadle, had a chance to review an ATI Omni Polymer Lower and his review was less than flattering. Well Maybe someone at ATI was listening because they brought out a couple of them configured in various ways to the Blue August Gun conference for us to play with and evaluate. I remembered reading Sam’s less than stellar review, and as such I was skeptical that the Omni Polymer hybrid lower would perform to my expectations.

    The ATI reps gave us a quick rundown of where the metal is in the lower and what type:


    It wasn’t long before they started passing them around and I had a chance to inspect the guts, fit, and finish:



    I noticed that everything Sam said was out of spec had been resolved, and we were all looking forward to giving this affordable lower a try.

    I ran a magazine through the gun Terminator-style and everything worked great! The example below was chambered in .223:


    Next up was the 300 Blackout upper on an Omni lower. Now this gun was very spiffy and featured some very cool gadgets and accessories:


    This one was a hit too, and everyone who shot it was very impressed:


    Myself included. I was able to accurately and consistently make rounds go where I needed them to go:



    So my experience with the ATI Omni Polymer lower was quite good, and I would love to have Sam’s two cents on it again if he would be willing to put it to the test!


    Alex C.

    Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.