Blast from the Past: The Carbine Compromise

    Its amazing how the times and thinking changes over time. Guns and Ammo posted up an article from 1966 on the debate of full-size rifles versus carbines. Its a fascinating read, giving you a glipse into the mindset of the day. To put it simply, the carbine was viewed skeptically. The tagline is interesting to analyze:

    A carbine’s diminutive size and weight may make it handy, but here’s a few additional — and surprising — facts you should know.



    A Leupold for only $50!?

    Instantly, the reader is given a less than positive outlook of carbines. The diction evokes negative connotations with the word “diminuatie.” Further, syntax and the break are juxtaposed to immediately offset the “handiness.” Prejudice, perhaps?

    Head over to Guns and Ammo to read the article. I promise you will enjoy it.

    Nathan S

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