A Brief History of the .375 Reaper

    UPDATE 2016 : A number of people claiming to be customers of Whiskey 3 Precision Systems (which may be going by the name Terminal Ballistics Group today) have complained to TFB regarding their orders not being fulfilled. We recommend caution when placing orders. 

    I have written a couple articles now on the .375 Reaper round in development.  If you want to look back at those, you can find them here and here.  This afternoon I spoke to John Culpepper of Whisky 3 Precision Systems about the .375 Reaper round that they are currently developing.  As I suspected the round was motivated by the shortcomings of the .300BLK round and the extreme cost of the .458 SOCOM.  The .375 Reaper gives the shooter a lot more energy on target and also better accuracy out to 300yds over the .300BLK, but also costs far less to buy complete rounds.  Even more cost effective is reloading your own rounds with easily obtained, readily available components.

    375 Reaper blackout comparision

    Speaking with John he is very passionate about the round he is creating.  They have designed and made entirely new BCG’s to handle the round from scratch.  The BCG’s for the .375 Reaper are still a MIL-SPEC and will work in any AR, but they are strengthened to handle the larger round and have longer lugs on the bolt.

    Personally, after seeing their real world ballistic tests I am impressed with the round for short range applications.  It hits much harder than the .300blk and can be made in both a sub-sonic and standard velocity round.   The other nice thing about the .375 Reaper is that all the components are readily available at your local shop and brass can be had from just about anywhere you can find .308 casings.

    Take a read below at the release from Whisky 3 Precision on the history and thought process behind the round.  While I have never really been a big fan of all the crazy wildcat loads guys are working on stuffing into the AR15 platform, I do think that these guys are onto something and are making an exceptional  new round.

    The New Kid on the Block with a Big Bore Bite!!   The Bacon Busting .375 Reaper   Cartridge.


    Whiskey 3 Precision Systems LLC is one of those new companies that has sprung up in response to solving problems in the firearms industry with disappointments or complaints with certain cartridges and first and foremost producing some of the industry’s  most accurate, high ballistic coefficient,  explosively devastating and deep penetrating projectiles on the planet with their Alco TAC-PM ™  projectiles.  As a result of getting the best they could squeeze out of their projectiles was born the newest AR15 and Bolt Action  weapon platform, the .375 Reaper .

    The concept and birth of the .375 Reaper Cartridge was brought forth by its designer John Culpepper “U.S. Army Ret” in an effort to improve over the 300 blackout and the .458 SOCOM due to many industry complaints of either not enough kinetic energy and range or not enough range and inaccuracy and lessened magazine capacity and cost effectiveness of the platform.

    The idea was to keep the design simple, affordable and ease of versatility / compatibility with the lighter AR15 platform to save on weight with the highest attention to detail during development…..on into production, as well as using a common parent case design (.308 or 7.62×51) and utilize commonly found .375 caliber projectiles or high ballistic coefficient projectiles to obtain the best range and accuracy.  The Parent .308 or 7.62×51 case is cut down, resized and the case shoulder is formed just as the 300 Blackout round is made from the 5.56 case, trimmed and ready for reloading.  Magazine capacity for the .375 Reaper is at 15 rounds stagger stacked in the standard  G.I. 5.56 magazine and you can also use the 6.8 SPC magazines or replace your AR15 5.56 magazine follower out for a 6.8 SPC follower to assist in better feeding of the cartridge. The Reaper uses an improved Proprietary bolt which was  a collaboration with Whiskey 3 Precision Systems and Young Manufacturing,  that is much stronger than the .458 SOCOM and 7.62×39 bolts that most find on the market. They built this bolt from the ground up and added the strength on the bolt face that was causing bolt failures/ sheared bolt lugs in a lot of larger caliber AR15 platforms.

    All that is essentially needed to convert your current platform over to the Reaper is the Proprietary bolt swap and a barrel that they produce as well.  As a rule of thumb for this they kept it very simple and it worked!

    The Real world numbers that they are getting out of this tiny cartridge are quite impressive indeed.  Pushing 195 and 200 grain projectiles 2478 fps out of a 16inch barrel is moving for a lightweight platform.  They are also pushing 250 grain bullets over 2000 fps which is quite the feat.  You can also run this platform suppressed and hey have demonstrated this on a video that surfaced in the Firearms Blog Online from You Tube the link to the article can be found here.

    Update on .375 Reaper from Whiskey 3 Precision Systems

    For all the Extreme Hog Hunters out there that want more knock down and range over the 300 AAC Blackout and affordability as well as extended range and accuracy over the .458 SOCOM, the .375 Reaper  can easily assist you in taking some porker souls and put some bacon on the table!!

    If you are looking for a round that has more kinetic energy and range over the 300 blackout or if you want more magazine capacity, superior accuracy and cost effectiveness over the .458 SOCOM than look no further, the .375 Reaper is here and ready to get hog nasty with anything you want to throw his way!

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