Blue August Gun Conference!

    Gordon Bond and Amy Graves from Bond Arms with me in the center!

    Recently I was invited to attend the Blue August Gun and Outdoor Writer’s Conference and to turn down such a fantastic event would be considered heresy among the gun community. As a result, I touched down in Florida on 9/29/14 in order to see some cool and exciting products in action in a small group to maximize our interactions with the manufacturers.

    This is my first time at an Event like this, but the exhibitor list made me smile:

    • Slidefire
    • American Tactical
    • Lucid Optics
    • FAXON Firearms
    • Houlding Precision
    • Tracking Point
    • SCCY
    • Bond Arms
    • Gorilla Ammunition

    The writers event was held at the Gander Mountain Training Facility in Orlando. We had a classroom for manufacturers to tell us about their wares:


    And a private range to shoot up all of the ammo we could get our mitts on!


    And of course we got to mingle with some fantastic industry folks, including friend of The Firearm Blog, Hank Strange:



    Visit Hank’s channel here. He is a damn decent man with some absolutely fantastic videos.

    So check in to see a few reviews and evaluations from this exciting event. We really got to get into some cool toys:


    ARAK 7.62×39 rifle!

    Stay tuned for developments, thoughts, and opinions on the many unique products being presented at this conference!

    Alex C.

    Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.