Update on .375 Reaper from Whiskey 3 Precision Systems

    UPDATE 2/16 : A number of people claiming to be customers of Whiskey 3 Precision Systems (which may be going by the name Terminal Ballistics Group today) have complained to TFB regarding their orders not being fulfilled. We recommend caution when placing orders. 

    A few months back I posted information on an interesting new round in development by Whiskey 3 Precision Systems called the .375 Reaper.  That story can be found here.

    Now three months later, they have some real world numbers on velocity that they recently posted. They are pushing a 250gr round over 2000fps as you can see in the video below.

    Also recently posted was a video of a suppressor that was made by Stealth Engineering Group (SEG) specifically for the .375 Reaper.  Using subsonic loads they are getting good sound reduction.

    It appears that Whiskey 3 Precision Systems is making significant headway on the new round, and the numbers that they are getting are very impressive for such a large round.  Looking at their numbers, and plugging them into a ballistics calculator we are seeing 50yd energy still over 2000ft-lbs.  Pretty decent for a round being fired from a standard sized AR platform.

    You can get more info from Whiskey 3 Precision Systems over on their facebook page, or on their website.  I look forward to some more info from them on the new loads, data and R&D they are doing.  The initial numbers they are getting are looking very good.