Everyday Carry Knives: $100 and Under

    Our sister blog AllOutdoor has published an excellent round up of the best EDC (Everyday Carry) knives for under $100. Knives, like guns, have no limit on how much they can cost (and how much enthusiasts will pay for them) but not everyone cares enough about their knife to spends hundreds of dollars. For many folks as long as it opens their Amazon packages they are happy. Then there are other folk who do value premium-quality knifes cannot afford to dump a substantial part of their paycheck on a knife that is only 10% better than one costing half as much.

    One under-$100 knife that is getting great reviews online is the Kershaw Skyline (Pictured Above. A quick Google search shows it selling for $32 online).Tony Sculimbrene …

    There are roughly two dozen knives in the Kershaw line up that fit this price point. Many of them are brand new and I haven’t had a chance to handle them yet. The Camber looks good, being a flipper version of the Blur. The Nura, with its bearing pivot, looks great, but it’s not quite out yet. The G10 Cryo is the knife we all wanted the original Cryo to be. That said, I like the Kershaw Skyline the best of the Kershaw knives in this price range.

    Click here to read the list of other under $100 knives recommended by Tony.

    Steve Johnson

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