Defense Distributed’s “October surprise”

    Defense Distributed, Cody Wilson’s organization that created the famous Liberator 3D-printable pistol, just sent out a press release that simply simple said …

    Respectfully requesting your attendance for an October Surprise. September 30, 2014.

    … and embedded the below video:

    The term October Surprise means a media or news event that disrupts an upcoming election (International readers: the United States midterm election are being held in November this year). This announcement on September 30 may be a completely political announcement (and therefore off topic for TFB) such as his announcement that he is running for office. On the other hand, Cody knows how to grab mainstream media attention and he would be announcing a new easily manufacturable gun technology that will get the attention of politicians. We will find out at the end of the month.

    Steve Johnson

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