PIG Skins Barricade Pad

    Hat tip to Soldier Systems Daily for this.

    The people who make the HOG Saddle, have come out with a pad for shooting off a barricade. Don’t know what a HOG Saddle is? Here is a TFB article about it.

    According to HOG Saddle:

    A rifle skid pad designed to reduce the effects of recoil while firing from hard surfaces. Keeps your scope on target for verification of bullet placement and for rapid follow-up shots. Allows a shooter to load into their rifle, due to the added grip surface of the barricade pad.

    The PIG Skins replace the need to drag around a sand sock while firing from expedient, elevated positions such as hard cover and barricades.



    You affix a strip of loop velcro to the bottom of your rifle and the PIG SKINS pad attaches to the velcro.



    The PIG SKINS Pad is on sale right now for only $9.99

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