FLIR ONE on Guns

    The FLIR ONE is a very nifty new product from FLIR (maker of high-end thermal imaging sensors and scopes). It is a low-cost thermal camera that attaches to an iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. At a cost of just $350 it is perfect for DIY folks and has many uses around the home (heat leakage and diagnosing car, computers ,electronics and battery problems for example). At that price if I had an iPhone I would buy one. Professional thermal cameras are VERY expensive. Even the Chinese thermal imaging cameras from ebay are very expensive.

    Now what is especially interesting, from a gun nut perspective, is that Smart Phone digital scope maker Inteliscope are now a distributor of the FLIR ONE. An iPhone with a FLIR ONE can attach to a rifle with the Inteliscope iPhone mount (it mounts just like any iPhone in a large polymer case).

    flir one 2

    Inteliscope have not yet integrated the thermal scope with their iPhone app, so you can’t use it like a scope. Until they do, which won’t happen until FLIR releases the FLIR One Software Development Kit that will allow other apps to use the thermal camera. For now it can be mounted on a rifle to find game (or intruders). Thermal cameras work just as well in the day as they do at night. Finding a person or animal lurking in dense bush is one useful application for a thermal scope.

    Steve Johnson

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