No Desiccants Needed: Federal Fresh-Fire Packs for 5.56

    Preppers may want to pay attention: Federal has gone live with nitrogen-purged “fresh-fire” packs for 5.56 rounds. Federal is packaging 30 rounds (coincidentally ideal for most standard-capacity magazines) of 5.56 in (very) long-term storable containers. The “Fresh Fire” packs (also shipping in .22LR) are purged and then completely sealed in corrosion-resistant packaging.

    Both 55 FMJ and 62-grain FMJ LAP rounds are available. The 55-grain pills retail for $18.95 (about .63 cents/round) and the 62-grain rounds retail for $20.95 (.69 cents.round). I have seen the 62-grain in stock for $14.95.

    Its a neat solution for preppers, but the round packaging is annoying for dense storage solutions. Is it worth the extra price? I think so for those looking for no-hassle, no-fuss shelf-ready storage.

    Video courtesy of Cabela’s:

    Nathan S

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