SIG’s Dispute with the BATFE Over MPX Muzzle Brake Continues is reporting that the Sig Sauer and the ATF have not yet come to a resolution on their previously reported dispute over the civlian-oriented MPX pistol-caliber carbine muzzle brake. As we reported in July, Sig contends that the brake is just a brake, where the ATF asserts that it is a “silencer” (just without a shroud to muffle the report of the firearm.

    It would seem that the ATF has reevaluated the brake and still concludes that it is a suppressor. Per court documents, Sig has until September 19th to respond to the the ATF’s conclusions.

    My take? Sig will take the ATF to court. The principal concern is that there are no hard and fast rules for what counts as a “silencer” under federal law. The suit would be designed to force the ATF to create rules that Sig and other companies can design and manufacture towards.

    Under the system today, companies have to submit designs to the ATF for determination letters. By creating rules, companies would be able to freely design and release products according to the rules (or threat of lawsuit if they bend or break them.)

    Nathan S

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