Modular Shooting Range

    modular shooting range

    Looking to drop a pre-built shooting range into your back yard? Take a look at the modular shooting ranges from Shooting Range Industries.

    This company is providing built-to-order shooting ranges that can be delivered to your property for personal or commercial training purposes (local zoning codes apply, of course.) A range can be designed from 40′ to 500′ in length and have one to 12 shooting lanes.

    modular shooting range

    Part of the range package includes a high-quality HVAC air filtration system and user-serviceable bullet traps. Additionally, motorized target retrieval systems and ceiling guards are standard.

    This video shows the installation of a 12 lane range being installed in a six day period:

    The Nevada Air National Guard installed a facility that they use for live fire and for scenario-based training with non-lethal rounds:

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