.68 vs .50 (Paintball vs. Barrett) – RatedRR Fight!

Nathan S
by Nathan S

RatedRR (one of my favorite bonkers YouTube channels) has published a “Paintball vs. Real Life” video detailing the David vs. Goliath comparison of projectiles and their effects on target.

Long story short… the .50 wins but not without the paintball gun giving it a good fight. The paint hopper and CO2 cylinder explode in rather spectacular fashion. At least the paintball marked the .50 unlike the airsoft rifle which just bounced off.

Not sure why they used a AP Incendiary round on inert CO2 other than the pretty lights…

Nathan S
Nathan S

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  • B. B. on Sep 10, 2014

    I consider it more majority's fantasy vs. real life - with the .50 being fantasy for most people. $7k-$13k for a rifle with $3-$5 per shot... no, it's overkill.

    A 5.56 will put holes through a paintball gun since they are just aluminum, and more people have those by a longshot than .50s

  • Phil Hsueh Phil Hsueh on Sep 12, 2014

    They should have cranked up the PSI on the paintball gun and used frozen paintballs, I wonder what that would have done. Then again, that would have risked doing actual damage to the .50, still, I would have liked to have seen what a hopped paintball gun firing frozen paintballs would do.