Mesa Tactical Receiver-Length Rails for Remington & Mossberg Shotguns

    Mesa Tactical has released receiver-length rails for the ubiquitous Mossberg 500/590 and Remington 870 series shotguns compatible with Mesa’s high-mount stock adapters. Both the Remington and Mossberg rails clock in a 9.5 inches.


    Mesa claims that the rail adapter for Mossberg shotguns leaves the tang-safety still accessible. (I personally disagree, its a PITA to get to on a pistol-grip alone. Adding rails that can get in the way, will just exacerbate the problem.) The rails are available now as stand-alone components or as part of high-tube stock kits. cache_385_290_0_100_80_16777215_mesa_tactical_90500_01-3

    Full Press Release Below:

    Costa Mesa, CA – – Mesa Tactical, supplier of rugged and reliable tactical gear for law enforcement, military and personal protection, is now shipping receiver length MIL- STD 1913 Picatinny rails for their High-tube telescoping stock systems for Remington and Mossberg pump action shotguns. The new 9 1/2 inch rail attaches to both the High-tube stock adapter and directly to drilled and tapped receivers for a completely rigid mount for optics and accessories. The combination of the rail and cheek weld height is perfect for the use of AR configured optics such as holographic sights and similar height optic systems.

    “The receiver length rail and the strength of its attachment system is perfect for tactical and personal defense applications,” said Mitch Barrie, President of Mesa Tactical. “The Mossberg 500 rail is also configured so that the tang safety is still easily engaged and disengaged as needed.”

    Mesa Tactical’s High-tube and LEO telescoping stock adapters allow the use of AR-15 buttstock and grip components to provide collapsing stocks for pump shotguns. The High-tube adapters feature an elevated stock height for optimal cheek weld with AR height rail-mounted optics, allowing the use of many effective and popular sights on pump action shotguns.

    Prices and availability

    The receiver length rails are available today, separately or as part of complete telescoping stock kits.

    93900 Adapter Mount Pic Rail for Rem 870 (12-GA, 9 1/2 in) 65.00

    93910 Adapter Mount Pic Rail for Moss 500 (12-GA, 9 1/2 in) 65.00

    90620 High-tube Telescoping Stock Adapter and Rail Kit for Moss 500 (12-GA, 9 1/2 in rail) 175.00

    90630 High-tube Telescoping Stock Adapter and Rail Kit for Rem 870 (12-GA, 9 1/2 in rail) 170.00

    90490 High-tube Telescoping Stock Kit for Moss 500 (12-GA, 9 1/2 in rail) 295.00

    90500 High-tube Telescoping Stock Kit for Rem 870 (12-GA, 9 1/2 in rail) 290.00

    92280 High-tube Telescoping Hydraulic Recoil Stock and Rail for Moss 500 (9 1/2 in rail) 430.00

    92290 High-tube Telescoping Hydraulic Recoil Stock Kit for Rem 870 (9 1/2 in rail) 425.00 – S

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