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    Lehigh Defense recently introduced a new ammunition line that uses unusually shaped, solid copper bullets. According to the company, the “resulting permanent wound cavity is two to four times greater than that of a flat or ball nose bullet and often larger than traditional expanding bullets.”

    If the Xtreme Penetrator bullet design does create a larger (than ball) wound cavity, it may be a good option for anyone carrying a firearm where hollowpoint ammunition is prohibited.

    This video shows a comparison of the Lehigh Defense ammo compared to the Hornady Critical Duty ammo:

    This video attempts to address some of the concerns people may have with the ammo feeding properly:

    From Lehigh Defense:

    Lehigh Defense announces the release of their patent pending Xtreme Penetrator bullets and ammunition.  Available for both handguns and rifles, the Xtreme Penetrator has a progressive nose geometry that allows for deep, straight penetration while creating a permanent wound cavity diameter exceeding that of most expanding bullets!  The engineering behind this innovative bullet centers on the radial flutes and sharp cutting edges of the nose design, and its environmentally-friendly solid copper construction.

    First, the nose design of the Xtreme Penetrator utilizes radial flutes to force the hydraulic energy inward, then (as the energy is restricted) accelerate outward creating high pressure spikes that damage surrounding tissue.  The resulting permanent wound cavity is two to four times greater than that of a flat or ball nose bullet and often larger than traditional expanding bullets – exceptional penetration coupled with a larger permanent wound cavity.

    Second, the nose incorporates sharp cutting edges that rotate at the same rate as the barrel twist to ensure effective penetration of any barrier.  Where flat nose and ball nose bullets tend to push material away, the Xtreme Penetrator nose has minimal surface area, which causes an increase in force at the point of barrier contact (in the pounds/inch formula, when you decrease the square inches of surface area, you increase the pounds of force).

    Finally, the solid copper construction of the Xtreme Penetrator is environmentally-friendly, and strong enough to penetrate any barrier.  Unlike lead jacketed bullets, the solid copper design will not deform when contacting hard surfaces, nor will it fragment as some hard cast lead bullets are prone to do.  This allows it to overcome surface barriers and penetrate straight and deep, while creating a massive wound channel.

    For more information on the Patent Pending Xtreme Penetrator technology, visit http://www.lehighdefense.com/index.php/our-technology/xtreme-penetrator or contact Lehigh Defense at 215-536-4100.

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