Experimental Auto Revolver

    RIA Auctions are auctioning off an one-of-a-kind .45 auto revolver, origins unknown. The expected sale price is $1,500 – $2,500.

    Produced by an unknown inventor, this pistol combines features and ergonomic principals from both semi-automatic pistols and turn of the century revolvers in a highly unusual fashion. The working guts of the pistol can be broken down to three chief systems. The first is a recoil driven semi-automatic pistol, with an in-line reciprocating barrel and a bolt/slide assembly which moves in-line with the barrel and does not appear to lock, differing from more conventional short-recoil designs, while also including a barrel extension that interfaces with the dropped hammer, using the mainspring to provide additional resistance on discharge, but not extending far enough to re-cock the hammer. Second is the magazine, which is a fully enclosed rotary design similar to a Mannlicher or a Marlin. Finally, the rear of the pistol shows similarities to a Civil War-era Starr double action revolver in both shape and function. No hard data has been uncovered about the origin of the pistol; while it is pictured on page 192 of the “World’s Guns” catalog from Golden State Arms, circa 1958, the catalog lists it as being “of unknown origin”.

    Ian of Forgotten Weapons has reviewed it here …

    Thanks to Jay for the tip.

    Steve Johnson

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