The HK416A5 Is Now The G38

    The HK416A5, the latest version of H&K’s successful AR-15 pattern short-stroke piston rifles, has been type classified by the German federal government as G38, according to Strategie-Technik. An unknown federal agency has already procured the rifle, and its 11″ barreled carbine version, classified G38C.

    The bigger brothers of the 416, the fully automatic HK417 and a variant of the semi-automatic MR308, have already been type classified as G27 and G28, respectively, the former being currently in service with the Bundeswehr. Most likely, the HK416A5 is not being procured for the Bundeswehr, as it is not the first 5.56mm assault rifle to be type classified since the G36 (the SG 551 is type classified as G37, and is used by GSG 9).

    It’s not difficult to imagine, however, that the type classification of the HK416A5 opens the door to a lucrative contract to replace the Bundeswehr’s somewhat troubled G36 fleet. Eventually, those rifles will need to be replaced, and it’s likely that Germany will indulge the home industry in doing so.

    H/T Remiguiz of Broń i Amunicja

    Nathaniel F

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