POTD: M32 Milkor MGL vs. M79 Grenade Launcher

    You don’t often see an M32 Milkor Multiple Grenade Launcher being used side by side with an old-school M79 Grenade Launcher. Ray sent us this photo taken in Ramadi, Iraq where he and the 3d Batallion, 8th Marines were stationed in 2006. Ray wrote …

    I enjoy your POTD-the Fallujah patrol load out prompted a trip down memory lane so I am pushing you this interesting shot of ‘new school meets old school; an M32 Milkor MGL & an M79 side by side. Taken outside Ramadi in 2006 where we (3d Bn, 8th Marines) were conducting a 40mm shoot to farm on the M32, which were being fielded to us at the time. Because of the nature of OIF-and specifically Ramadi-there was a lot of legacy firearms in circulation such as a handful of M79’s which were quite useful for accurate placement and ease of use compared to even 203’s.

    Other than weight, there is not a lot to distinguish the M79 from more modern single-shot grenade launchers and less-lethal launchers.

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