300 yard pistol shot

    Beretta USA just posted this video on their page of some instructors explaining the equations necessary to make a long range shot from a handgun. They are using a Beretta PX4 Storm. Although engaging targets at anything beyond 50 meters with a handgun is well beyond most pistol caliber’s maximum effective range, this is fascinating to watch as the shooter not only makes impacts at 200 yards, but at 300 yards as well as using an offhand stance. Granted it takes him two shots at 200, and four at 300 but it’s still very impressive. The equations do not take a left to right wind value into account. That might be asking too much from a 9x19mm cartridge.


    From the Youtube About section-

    In this video, Stuart demonstrates point of aim hold calculations and hits targets at 200 and 300 yards with a Beretta Px4 Storm Compact 9mm pistol.


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