Tennessee Arms Co Polymer .308 Lower

    Tennessee Arms Co. is known for their polymer AR15 platform lowers is going to be making a polymer .308 lower as well.  The lower will be DPMS patterned, and feature metallic buffer collar and grip screw threading.  These are now in presale, and are expected to be available 2/1/15.

    Not having had good luck with polymer lowers for the AR15, I am very dubious of polymer lower for a larger platform AR.  By the very nature of the .308 round, you are talking more stress and wear being put on the lower.  When talking to shooters I see the gamut of reactions to poly lowers, but it never seems to change my mind.  I am not a fan of poly lowers as I don’t see the weight savings in them when there are lowers that are metallic and are just a few ounces heavier, which can always been made up in a different component.


    I will however say this about Tennessee Arms Co., they have always been a stand up company about their polymer lowers though.  I can remember their first run of poly lowers for the AR15 and the two generations having issues.  TAC stood by the product, fixing the problem and offering refunds, credits and new lowers to those who had issues.  With that in mind I would try one of their lowers, if for no other reason then to support a stand up company that stands behind their product.

    I look forward to seeing them at SHOT this year where they are sure to have their new lowers available for a preview.

    What say the readers?  Polymer .308 lower a good or bad idea?

    Thanks Christopher for the tip!