Solar Tactical AK47 MFER Enhanced Mag Funnel

    One downfall to the AK design is ergonomics, more specifically magazine changes. Sure, there’s multiple techniques out there to speed up mag changes with the AK, but lets face it. Mag changes with the AK are slow and cumbersome compared to the AR-15 and many other rifles out there.

    However there’s a product from the folks over at Solar Tactical that helps speed things up a bit. Their AK47 MFER (Magazine Funnel Enhanced Reload) is a simple and cheap addition to help make reloads faster and easier. The Solar Tactical MFER essentually adds something the AK doesn’t have, a magwell. They work just like the flared mag wells you see on competition Glocks out at the range by helping the user guide the magazine into place during reloads. They’re designed to drop right in with no mods needed to mostĀ AKM and AK-47 variant rifles as well as 7.62 Saigas. Modifications will be needed with Chinese, Yugo, WASR 10 rifles and AK-74s. These won’t fit milled AK rifles or drum mags however. They’re made in the USA and retail for $42 over at



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