Gold KSG vs Old KSG

    I am not sure if this is real life imitating art, however there does exist a gold cerakoted KSG. This was a limited run, from what I was told by the owner. The pictures does not do the paint job justice. In person, the paint has almost a pearlescent luster to it.

    The Gold KSG is actually a weapon used in the video game, Call of Duty.

    I don’t play those video games so it doesn’t matter much to me, however you may find it interesting.

    I was more keen on the updates Kel-Tec have made from my KSG, which i bought in March 2012, and the Gold KSG.


    If you look closely you can see my FDE KSG on top, and the Gold KSG on the bottom. My KSG came with a factory hand stop, the black piece at the end of the rail. You will also notice that my hand guard has a flat bottom underneath the rail. Whereas the Gold KSG has a contoured handguard. My hand stop sort of gets in the way but you can see it does not have any flared protrusions like the gold KSG does. Kel-Tec also filled the last slot of the picatinny rail and filled in the perpendicular slot that you can see on my hand guard. The changes were subtle and I only noticed it when I started taking pics of the shotguns side by side.

    KSG 2

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