Coming To a Range Near You… Pay By the Minute?

    MGM Target Sytems is releasing a new Pay to Play system that allows ranges to invest in the technology and infrastructure and charge shooters for blocks of time.  The system would be set up on with a credit card processing station that would charge the shooters credit card on the spot allowing for it to be used nearly autonomously.

    The example used is $5/10min while running different canned programs allowing for different target movements.  While I get the benefit to the shooter in utilizing targets of this type, I tend to be a pessimist at times.   My initial thought was the slippery slope of turning local ranges into amusement park attractions charging by the minute.  This could be damaging to the range culture that many of us enjoy where you spend the day at the range, paying an entrance fee for the day.

    But I can also see the positive affect that it could produce for a local range.  Being able to set up a system like this could give them enough money to make improvements, buy more equipment or even acquire more property to expand the range in the future.  It is also something that could be advertised and bring in new shooters to the range.

    So the question I have for readers is this: Is this a positive for the shooting community or a potential negative?

    Check out their video of how the system could potentially look to a shooter, the credit card system is  not present on the system in the video.  The press release is also below for more information on the Pay to Play system.

    Continuing in their leadership role as the most innovative target manufacturer in the industry, MGM Targets has introduced the only “Pay to Play” live fire target system on the market today, The MGM P2P Automated Range.

    Designed specifically to be a cash generator for public and private commercial ranges, the system combines the 16 year old proven technology and durability of MGM’s electronic ‘Pop Up’ trailer with a credit card reader/integrated cell phone system. This technology is presently in use at private ranges and military bases.

    Much like operation systems used at a DIY carwash, a stand-alone control pedestal houses the credit card reader, and the game selection keyboard. Designed for long years in the sun and weather, all of the critical components are well out of the elements of a shooting range. The system is as simple to use as an ATM. The shooter swipes their credit card (10 minutes for $5), then chooses one of 10 pre-programmed game option / shooting scenarios. Shooters of all abilities have several options, including various timed games, as well as a “Random”, Plate Rack” and “Dueling Tree” for man on man competition. MGM’s exclusive “Reaction Mode®” option will run as fast as the shooter can knock the targets down.

    With no charge for the initial set up at qualified facilities, the trailer mounted system can be installed virtually anywhere and operational in one day. Its requirements are as simple as it is to use – 45 PSI air pressure for operation, and 110v. electricity for the control system. The only scheduled maintenance is a weekly check of the bolts, for tightness. Seasonal service programs are available.

    Revenue generated will be directly related to the number of hours per day the system is in use. With no “attendant” necessary to manage or monitor the system, operating costs are negligible – just power for the compressor and terminal making for a strong profit center at ranges of all sizes. Commercial inquiries invited – Please contact MGM at 888-767-7371 for more comprehensive information and see the video .

    This system can generate up to $1,000 per month or more for the range. Of course, that number is driven by usage. For example, if it is used 8-10 hours a day, the revenue will increase. From that $1,000, the range will pay for the 110v electricity to run the compressor and the target control system. There will also be some modest “one time” site improvement costs.


    The customer swipes his credit card through the card reader to buy time in 10 minute blocks, for $5 per block. The CC machine reads the card, and via its own cell signal, immediately processes the payment transfer.

    After the CC transaction has been completed, the shooter will be able to select one of the canned programs by entering the appropriate 2 digit code on the key pad. Additional games can be programmed as developed.