Lone Wolf 9mm AR Pistol Lowers

    G9 pistol lower SB15

    Lone Wolf advises they now have pistol variants of the G9 carbine lowers available. These pistol lowers can be had with a short buffer tube, or with a longer tube designed for use with the SIG SB15 arm brace. One of the things that set these lowers apart from other pistol lowers is that they use Glock magazines.

    G9 pistol

    A standard G9 pistol lower with the short buffer tube sells for $419.95. The longer tube version costs $426.95. Lone Wolf is also selling the lowers with a SB15 already installed. These start at $549.95.

    Lone Wolf also sells a matching 10.5″ barrel upper in 9mm for the G9 lower. The uppers come with an A2-style flash suppressor and quad-rail. These retail for $779.95.

    Richard Johnson

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